Looking for a hike near Maple Bay? Check out Maple Mountain! One day I hope that you feel as delighted as I was by the dense picturesque fog on a damp October day. And that you feel the moisture with every breath you take as it fills your lungs and gives you pause.

Hiking Maple Mountain means you’ll get to see these incredible views! Including waterfalls, ponds and multiple paths that are suitable for most skill levels. Whether you prefer the ocean side or right up to the summit, there are many options to choose from. You can expect moderate-difficult terrain and a few different routes to travel.

We managed to hike for over 20kms and made a loop (mostly, there were a few zig-zags) of our hike so we could see as many new sites as we could. There were plenty of wild mushrooms, a rope swing for those feeling tempted for a dip in the crystal clear Sansum Narrows, and multiple great spots for a picnic or some afternoon yoga! There are well-marked maps throughout so this is a perfect trail if you want to disconnect and not worry too much about navigating yourself around or getting lost. You’ll find a variety of tree species and well-maintained trails laced between moss covered ground. So beautiful!

With so much exploring to do, a person could easily spend a whole day here! I personally used http://www.alltrails.com to navigate this adventure!

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