The most desirable heating/cooling appliance on Vancouver Island is the heat pump. Why? Well, quite a few reasons! I’ll share everything I know with you so that you and your family can make the best decision for you. Let’s get into it!

6 Reasons Why a Heat Pump Is Best for Vancouver Island Homes

1. A heat pump can provide both efficient heating and cooling.

2. Heat pumps are more efficient than baseboard heating. Heat pumps don’t actually generate heat but rather, they move warm and cool air around. They are up to 300% more efficient than electric baseboards. 

3. They are 50% more energy efficient for cooling compared to a typical window A/C Unit. 

4. They are powered by water. In B.C., they are powered by hydroelectricity which means you’ll be reducing your household’s environmental footprint.

5. You can save with rebates!

6. A heat pump increases your property desirability. As a realtor, I can say this is one of those upgrades that is 100% something everyone wants and looks for. It will increase the desirability of your home and in some cases the value of your home too. 

What to Expect

If this option sounds like the right option for you, be prepared for 2 things:

1. Heat pumps are on the pricier side, ranging from around $6000 for a single head heat pump, $10,000 for a multi-head and $14,000-$18,000 for a variable speed central system. These prices don’t include the rebates of up to $2000 from BC Hydro, up to $5000 from the Federal Government, or up to $9500 from the CleanBC Better Homes rebate. Make sure to look into these for all of your options!

2. There is a bit of a wait (1-2 months) for your initial consultation and then, of course, a bit of a wait for the installation (1-3 months). When you combine all the rebates available with a supply shortage, it can lend long wait times for the installer, which is then passed down to the consumer. But if you can be patient, your electricity bill will be reduced substantially, your home will increase in desirability/value (from a real estate perspective) and you can rest assured that you can keep a nice comfortable temperature in any season.

My advice is to consider the rebates above and whether this will be the right choice for your home but if you have any questions at all, you can always reach me at (250) 883-2220 or

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